IT FOLLOWS PARODY – Written/Directed by Me

I just wanted to make a quick post about a sketch that I wrote and directed for a really cool comedy group called Senior Ditch Day. The sketch is an It Follows¬†parody about a guy being honest about his “condition.”

It Follows Parody

The Story

This whole project started when I off-handedly pitched it at a production meeting. It was just a couple weeks before Halloween, and we wanted to do something thematic for the holiday. It occurred to me that an It Follows parody would be really funny, and the rules of It Follows were ripe for ripping on.

I should mention that this was a work of love. I’m enamored with It Follows, and I wanted to try to make something funny that was kind of like it. I actually watched the movie a third time (check it out on Amazon Prime if you haven’t seen it yet!) I also did some research into the making of the movie to try emulate the style as much as possible. I actually found a really cool conversation with the director: Anatomy of a Scene: It Follows.

The experience of making it was wonderful overall. I owe so much to Micah, Jordan, Dustin, Shawn, Celeste, Nicole, Angela, Jessica, Andres and Darrel. Not to mention the wonderful support of Senior Ditch Day. In fact, I feel that I should call out the Nerdist School for helping all of these people

It Follows Parody thumbnail

A thumbnail from the It Follows Parody on the Senior Ditch Day channel.

meet. It’s a really great community, and it’s very easy to be involved.

I’m hoping that we can repeat this experience many more times. Please like and subscribe to the video. Share it if you really like, and make some comments. Youtube needs all of these things to tell it that we’re doing a good job.

Thanks for watching and reading.


PS – Check out some behind the scenes videos here and here.

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