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Thanks for looking me up. It's probably not creepy. I'm a writer, actor, director and person living in Los Angeles. I have a wonderful dog named Roux, and I'm not the best at writing interesting copy about myself.

Writing Samples

Here is a collection of my various writing samples from short stories to my sketch packets. There are even novel excerpts and spec scripts. If you see anything you like, contact me and we'll talk.



Here are some videos that I have made or helped to make. I'm always adding new videos as I can make them. They run the gamut from comedy to drama.


RPG Homebrews

Samples of Homebrews and campaign settings for use at playing Tabletop RPGs (like Dungeons and Dragons)


Credits & Resumé

Let's get real, you probably found my site because I applied for a job or directed you here. This is the real crunchy stuff that you're looking for including all my resumés and credits list.

21st Apr 2015

Iceman Cometh Out!

Iceman Cometh Out! Ok, I’m not the first one to make that joke. But I’m excited, and I like it. Let’s breakdown what’s happening.

12th Feb 2015

TotenLied Vol. 1 – Available Now

What is TotenLied? It's a free PDF eBook that I put together. It contains stories, flash fiction and prose experiments.

09th Feb 2015
Happy Woman Giving A thumbs up

Clickhole Style Quiz – “This Numbs the Pain”

Since they do great work at satirizing clickbait, I thought I'd try my hand at making a Clickhole Style quiz.

09th Feb 2015

McDonalds Clean It Training Video – /r/DeepIntoYoutube

A video I discovered on r/deepintoyoutube today makes me so happy.