Passion Planning and Purpose – A Hasty Treatise

This post is hastily written and poorly edited. It’s something that I constantly struggle with and that I feel like I’ll always have to deal with on some level. It’s about the level at which I feel passion and purpose vs my ability to deliver. I need to work on my passion planning if I’m going to achieve my goals.

"Good things come to those who... GO OUT AND FUCKING EARN IT!

I saw this on Reddit today, and it made me ask why I’m on Reddit.

I was surfing Reddit this morning, and I saw this picture on r/GetMotivated. It reminded (for the one-millionth time) that I have passion and drive and purpose. I know what I want and I even have an idea of how to pursue and make it happen.

However, it seems like I need to have a monthly crisis to get back on track with every small step. It’s a bit of a ridiculous cycle. I know that there’s an intellectual disconnect between the drive that I feel and what I’m actually putting into action. I put almost as much effort into thinking about what I need to do as I do effort into what I’m actually doing.

I’ve tried many strategies to combat this, but I still struggle across the board putting it into practice. I’ve made lists; I’ve made schedules; I’ve set reminders; I’ve used apps. All of these things work for a few days before falling to the wayside. The redeeming quality is that I do have work to show, and I do have plans.


Passion Planning

I know that if I can hit the right system, that eventually I’ll hit my stride. My plan for the next week is to do an hour of the Pomodoro technique to explore my creative options and hone in on the best course of action for completing what I want to complete by the end of the year.

By the end of August, I would like to do:

  • 1 – 25 minute block of Physical Activity per day
  • 1 – 25 minute block of Housekeeping/Bill paying/Chores per Day
  • 2 – 25 minute blocks of creative work per day (plus whatever else I get in the groove for).

If anyone wants to join me in a little motivational group, let me know. Together, by keeping each other more accountable, we’ll get more done.

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