These are samples of my video work, there’s more information about each on their respective Vimeo or Youtube pages.

This is a sketch that I wrote and directed for a comedy group called Senior Ditch Day.

This is a sketch that I shot also for Senior Ditch Day.

This is a short I directed in my senior year at the University of Kansas.

This is a short that I wrote. It was produced by the 2009 University of Kansas Advanced Film Production workshop.

I produced this short from the ground up, including raising the $5000 budget, securing locations, scheduling the shoot, and booking auditions with professional actors.

An sound and video collage made in a University of Kansas Experimental Film Production class. Based on imagery from Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series and Robert Browning’s poem “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came.”

This video was made over a weekend my freshman year at the University of Kansas for a festival called the “Fig Festival.”

A short for the Wild West Film Fest 48 hour Festival. I wrote the screenplay based on a concept by Nathan Towns.