IT FOLLOWS PARODY – Written/Directed by Me

I just wanted to make a quick post about a sketch that I wrote and directed for a really cool comedy group called Senior Ditch Day. The sketch is an It Follows parody about a guy being honest about his “condition.”


Passion Planning and Purpose – A Hasty Treatise

This post is hastily written and poorly edited. It’s something that I constantly struggle with and that I feel like I’ll always have to deal with on some level. It’s about the level at which I feel passion and purpose vs my ability to deliver. I need to work on my passion planning if I’m going to achieve my goals. (more…)

D&D Homebrew 5e – Pact of Gore Warlock

I’ve been playing 5th Edition D&D for almost a year now, and I’m starting to try some Homebrews. This was an early idea I had based on the 3.5 Edition splat book, Tome and Blood. I have always loved the idea of blood mages, and I did my best to bring the flavor to life.


Obscure Video – Bus Safe Rap

I’m a connoisseur of obscure video content. There’s something about the mix of nostalgia and weirdness that keeps me coming back. I was browsing /r/ObscureMedia this morning when I stumbled across this obscure video.


Iceman Cometh Out!

Iceman Cometh Out!

Ok, I’m not the first one to make that joke. But I’m excited, and I like it. Let’s breakdown what’s happening.


TotenLied Vol. 1 – Available Now

What is TotenLied?

It’s a free PDF eBook that I put together. It contains stories, flash fiction and prose experiments that have been just gathering dust for a few years. I love the DIY feel of zines, so I tried to impart that feeling to the collection. The overarching theme of the collection is my fascination with death. It’s volume 1, because if it goes over well, I might try this again. (more…)

Clickhole Style Quiz – “This Numbs the Pain”

Since they do great work at satirizing clickbait, I thought I’d try my hand at making a Clickhole Style quiz. (more…)

McDonalds Clean It Training Video – /r/DeepIntoYoutube

First of all, if you’re not familiar with Everything is Terrible, you should familiarize yourself with it. They are found footage kings who have brought us all kinds of amazing old videos from the time before the internet. However, there’s a video I discovered on r/deepintoyoutube today called “McDonalds Clean It Training Video” that makes many of their videos pale in comparison. (more…)

Writing Fellowships in Hollywood – 2015

It’s the scariest time of the year: the Hollywood Writing Fellowships Season. It opens at the end of February until the end of June. It’s an amazing and somewhat petrifying experience.


Legend of Zelda meets Captain N

Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite video game franchises. With that in mind, I just found this video, and it’s too good not to share. It’s from a cartoon that aired from 1989-1991 called Captain N. The eponymous “N” stands for, what else, Nintendo. In this particular episode, Captain N visits the magical world of Hyrule for an adventure with the cast of The Legend of Zelda.